July 3, 2009

Barbie Animation Commercials

A studio project, traditionally animated, live action-animation Barbie commercial that I participated couple of months ago. I animated the last scene, and also participated in the clean up and the effect animation (lights and shadows) processes.

After this commercial had been checked and approved by Mattel, during the beginning of the summer, it was aired on TVs in Greece.

In this one I only participated in rough-clean phase, tightening up the rough frames for clean up process (P.S. animated her hair though), as well as her lights and shadows animation.

Also a studio, and group project. When Mattel said "go!", this was aired on TVs in Turkey during summer.


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Barbie Giiirl!

Vay be. Harikaymış. Aferin sana. Eline sağlık.